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    Asimco is highly recognized for its superior quality products since its establishment in 2001. Products under its portfolio include brake pads, brake shoes, fuel pumps, disc rotors and shock absorbers. Over the years, Asimco’s quality has supported strong growth in market share and is now sold in over 65 countries.

    Today, the Asimco team have refined a range of 3000 models of brake pads, 700 models of brake shoes, 300 models of brake discs and includes an excellent R&D team that continuously concentrate on the development and improvement of Asimco’s original formulas in semi-metal, low-metal and ceramic.

    To ensure we are continuously developing and offering innovative products, a new plant has been established with a size of 96,000 square meters. Sales offices have also been set up in the USA, Dubai, Shanghai, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa.